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The Slut Part 2


This story contains scenes of an adult and sexually graphic nature. If you're too young to smoke or you're offended by stories involving sex then stop right now. This story is not intended for you.

This story is real, though I've changed the names of people and places. The events depicted here happened not too long ago, but many things have changed since then. This story is more confession than anything else. I wanted to write everything I could remember so that I could begin to understand the changes that occured in me. This is the beginning then, and it wouldn't have happened unless I wanted it to.

Any comments are appreciated. Send them to:

I, SLUT: Part 2 of 5 Parts

by Sueann

My cell phone chirped and I dug it out of my purse. "Hello..." "Where the hell are you?" It was Tom, my husband. "Hi Tom..." I said. Boonie was unhitching the Ford. "My car broke down Tom. I had to call a tow truck..." He swore. "Take it easy. The mechanic thinks it's a small problem." Tom said "It's never a small problem with those guys. They'll fuck you every time." I laughed. "No Tom, it's just a little doo-hickey or something. He says fifty bucks and I'm outta here." There was silence, then: "Well, it better be. I've got class tonight, so I'll see you when I get home. I'll be late, I'm stopping off for some beers after." "Do you have too?" I asked. "No I don't have to, I want to. You take care of your problem OK." He hung up. "OK.Bye." I said into the dead phone. I turned around and Boonie was standing right there. "Well...?" he said, "what's the better half say?" I could see that he was assessing the situation. "He said 'take care of it'..." Boonie scratched his head. "Well, I don't know about you, but I'm parched. Care to join me for a drink?" "Aren't you going to fix my car?" He stopped and turned around. "It's happy hour Suzi, and I'm off the clock. Loosen up. I'll get to it, but first I'm having a drink." He walked across the drive to the single-wide mobile home where he lived.

As I watched him walk away I thought about my day, the car, my husband. I thought "Fuck it anyway..." and followed him.

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I opened the screen door and stepped in. There were two drinks on the kitchen counter. I took one, held the cold tumbler against my cheek. I took a sip: it was bourbon with water and ice, and more ice than water. From down the hall I heard a toilet flush and water running in a sink. "Thought you'd change your mind. How's your drink?" he asked. "Strong..." I said. He smiled. "That's the only way to drink good bourbon." "You live here alone...?" I asked. "Yup. The missus moved out about ten years back. Took just about half of everything. We're both happier now." He finished his drink, and built himself another. "What about you? You're married..." I felt the alcohol relaxing me. "Yes, I am. Met him at a place I worked at. He's back taking classes, working for a masters." "Working his way up in the world is he?" he said. I nodded. "Leaves you alone a lot I bet..." I swallowed. He looked at me knowingly. "I can tell." he said. He refilled my glass with bourbon and ice. "You make yourself at home Suzi. I'll go take care of your car."

After he left I sat on his sofa sipping my drink. I had to admit that after all my stress and anxiety and talking to Tom they were just what I needed. I got up, went to the kitchen and fixed myself another. Except on very few occasions will I have more than two. I looked in the refridgerator for ice, and saw some frozen entrees, a pitcher of orange juice, a wilted head of lettuce. Bachelor's fare. The place was tidy, lived in but not messy. I wandered down the hall, snooping I guess. One bedroom had been converted to a study, with a computer and bookshelves. I was surprised. The bedroom was darkened with the curtains closed, and contained an unmade king size bed, a 32 inch TV and VCR, and the sliding closet doors were done in mirrors. It had a smell that was at once musky and arousing, the lingering scent of sex. I checked out some tapes stacked on the floor. Besides some popular movies were a number of triple X pornos. I picked one up and saw that the box showed obscene pictures of people fucking and engaged in other wild sex acts. "He's a single guy..." I thought. "what's the harm..."

"There you are. Finding everything OK?" he said from the doorway. I froze, the incriminating box in my hand, caught red handed. I turned to him. "I'm so sorry, Jim. I'm usually not so's just been...." I stammered. "You bitches are all alike..." he began, "...a guy tries to be nice and you think that means you can do anything you like." He sounded angry. "No...please...that's not it. It's been years since I've been in a single man's place. I was just curious Jim. That's all. You can think what you want. But I am sorry."

He stood there, looking me in the eye. "I suppose you think that makes it all better, huh?" I didn't know what to say. "No it doesn't..." He waved me off. "Don't try to explain. That'll make me think you think I'm a dumbass." He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. "Your car's ready. Your bill..." he said tersely, handing it to me. I put the lurid video on the bed and took the bill. My eyebrows went up. "You got a deal there sugar. I just charged you for the tow. I replaced the hose and put a can of stop-leak in your radiator and topped off the coolant. You're going to have to replace the radiator soon though, that stuff is just temporary."

"Two hundred dollars..." I said. "Cash or major credit card..." he added. I had maybe thirty dollars and change, and my Visa was maxed out. "Will you take my check?" I asked. He shook his head. "You know I told you this up front and you said no problem." "I know..." I stammered. Oddly, he smiled at me and picked up the phone and began to dial. "I think I'll call the sheriff's office. First you go snooping through my stuff, then you try to rip me off for services rendered. You've got some explaining to do honey." Tom would kill me if he had to bail me out of the county jail on top of all of this. I hated myself for this, but I started to cry. I didn't know what to do. Sitting on the bed blubbering, I heard him put the phone down. He walked over and handed me a box of kleenex. "Shit. I hate it when this happens. I'm such a sucker." I looked up at him. "Look. We'll work this out. Times are tough all over." he said. I blew my nose and sniffled. He let me get it together and after a few minutes he said "Better?" "Yes...sorry." I said.

"When do you have to be home?" he asked. "I don't want you to get in trouble." There was a long pregnant moment then, the tension coiled like a serpent. "By ten..." I said. "Here's the deal Suzi. Either you take it, or start walking. You can come back and get your car when you have the money. It's your choice. You understand?" I nodded. "OK then. This is the deal. For the next three hours you do everything I tell you. Everything. You refuse, I kick your ass out on the highway." I nodded my head. "Tell me 'Yes Boonie, I'll do everything you tell me to' or 'Fuck off you old bastard'...let's hear it." I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I felt afraid, but I have to admit I was excited too, though I didn't know why. I said: "Yes Boonie, I'll do everything you tell me to for the next three hours."

"I knew that'd be your answer." he said. I looked up at him. He touched my chin. "I'm going to get cleaned up. Go fix yourself another drink and one for me. Bring it in to me." With that he went into the bathroom. In the kitchen I knew that I should just run for it, but knew that he probably had the keys to my car. I felt myself trembling, so I made my drink strong...downed it and fixed another. I stayed because I had no choice, and I stayed because I wanted too. I made his drink twice as strong. When I took him his drink the bathroom was all steamy from the shower. He pulled the shower curtain back a bit, and took his drink. "Shit Suzi. You trying to get me drunk?" he said when he tasted it. "You said that's the way you like it..." His laugh was deep and full. "That's right, I did say that didn't I." His hand reached out and I took the empty glass from him. "Hey, did you see any tapes that you liked? You know, the pornos..." "I don't know...I've haven't seen many..." "Go put one on...I'll be out in a bit...make yourself comfortable."

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