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The Slut Part 4

This story contains scenes of an adult and sexually graphic nature. If you're too young to smoke or you're offended by stories involving sex then stop right now. This story is not intended for you.

This story is real, though I've changed the names of people and places. The events depicted here happened not too long ago, but many things have changed since then. This story is more confession than anything else. I wanted to write everything I could remember so that I could begin to understand the changes that occured in me. This is the beginning then, and it wouldn't have happened unless I wanted it to.

Any comments are appreciated. Send them to:

I, SLUT: Part 4 of 5 Parts

by Sueann

His cock wasn't completely hard, but it had a girth to it that made me gasp. It was as wide as a the cardboard tube in a roll of paper towels. It was maybe seven to eight inches long semi-hard like it was, but it's most striking feature was that it was pink and hairless, like some nocturnal snake that lives in a cave and only emerges at night. The head was thicker and darker than the shaft with a prominent ridge on the glans, like a pommel on a saddle. His scrotum was a heavy bag, seemingly distended from the weight of his plums. His legs were slender, more rangy than skinny, which gave his erection a more obscene aspect as it hung there like a vestigal appendage, flexing its thick fat shaft as he stroked it while watching me. I hadn't seen many cocks in my life, one or two before marriage and only Tom's since then until tonight. Before I married I hadn't had a sexual life really, just brief interludes of romantic lust. With my husband my sexuality had grown with frequency, but I have to admit the emotional issues between us often overshadowed any pure enjoyment of sex for the pleasure of it. Boonie stroked his cock unashamedly in front of me, taking enjoyment from seeing my naked body and my response to his playing with me. His cock seemed a grizzled veteran, having experienced many women, and in spite of that he still eager for more. I felt a sudden gushing throbbing in my sex, my pussy, my cunt, as it lubricated and swelled in response to wanting to feel that pornographic muscle inside of me.

He stood over me with one hand milking his cock. "Come here Suzi and lay on your back." I did as I was told. He put his hands under my shoulders and pulled me until I lay with my head off the edge of the bed. His cock, even more distended, dangled over my face. The head of his penis seen close up like this appeared even larger. As a result of his stroking it it had turned a darker purple, engorged with blood from his arousal. The single opening appeared like a mouth drooling semen. My eyes followed it as it swung pendulously from his thick pliable shaft.

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"You want my cock Suzi?" he asked. I nodded my head. "Yes." "I want you to lick my cock Suzi. I want you to suck it. I want to feel your mouth and your tongue all over my nasty dick." he said. "Do you want that Suzi?" he said, his voice oddly hypnotic. I felt myself in the grip of something I hadn't felt before, as though I had no will other than a desire to possess what was before me. I nodded again. "Tell me, Suzi. Tell me so we'll both know." I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out as far as it could go, flailing away in a vain effort to do what we both knew I wanted. He lowered his cock so that my tongue just brushed the very tip. A viscous ribbon of semen attached itself to my tongue as he pulled it out my reach. It tasted mildly salty. "Tell me..." he said. I said "I want you..." I felt like a coiled spring, being wound tighter, tighter. My hands felt the wetness between my legs. Unashamedly I plunged two fingers into my pussy, my thumb rubbed hard on my clitoris. "Please Boonie..." "Tell me you fucking slut...or you get nothing." he said harshly. He reached down and felt my breasts, gently at first, then harder until he was pulling on my nipples, stretching my breasts and sending delicious shocks down my belly and centered in my vagina. "I want to suck your cock!" I shouted. "I want to lick your balls... I want you to fuck me with your cock... please Boonie... !" I blurted out.

"Excellent Suzi, my little slut. Open your mouth." he said. He lowered his cock until the head pushed it's way between my lips. "Yeah baby..." he sighed as he began to fuck my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head, tasted it's flavor of soap and sweat and semen. He pushed so that it lodged against the back of my throat, making me gag. He pulled out, taking the pressure off, and then back again. The whole time he murmured "Oh yeah, yeah, suck it that." I reached a hand up and encircled the shaft with my fingers, jerking it, stroking it with my fingers, feeling his cock jump and pulse against my tongue. I cupped the smooth sac of his balls, felt their heft, their delicacy, their firmness.

I felt his hands on the inside of my thighs and I opened them wide, exposing my wet sex to him. He touched me there along the smooth tender skin of my inner thighs and I felt my hips push up in response to each sensuous stroke. It made me feel helpless and vulnerable to display myself so, and in that feeling I was saying that he could do anything he wanted, that I was holding nothing back from him. He sensed that I think because as he teased my vulva with his thick rough fingers, making my back arch as he ran a finger tip between my swollen labia he said "You're my slut Suzi, aren't you?" I felt the electric shock of his fingers painting my turgid clit with my love honey. I swallowed him deeper in my mouth, my saliva drooling between my strectched lips as he teased and probed along the surface of my pussy. He leaned forward and separated my labia with his hands and blew a sharp jet of his breath up and down my slick trough triggering the first ripples of an impending orgasm in me. I pulled his cock from my mouth. "Goddddd!" I yelled, as he continued to play with me.

"Like that huh Suzi?"

"Fuck...yes..." I gasped.

His hands moved beneath my buttocks and he lifted me so that my weight rested on my shoulders and my legs fell over his forearms. I'd never experienced this before, and I felt like a dish, an entree served to satisfy his appetite. "Are you my little slut Suzi?" he asked. His tongue took a long broad swipe from my clit to my bottom. It hit me like a cattle prod. "Yesssss!" I hissed. "And who does this cunt belong to?" he asked. Again he licked me as before. "You Boonie!" I screamed. "Excellent." he chuckled, and pushed his head down into my pussy.

I have never in all my life been so thoroughly eaten. Squirming and bucking as his tongue and lips worked their will on my lips and clit. I felt his tongue lick the pink rose of my ass and then probe and push it's way in, releasing sensations I'd not felt before. He sucked and pulled on my lips, lashed my clit, sucked on it until a huge wave of an orgasm crashed over me, making me convulse and cry and push my hips up to get more and more of the pleasure he was giving me. His balls bounced against my lips and his cock throbbed like a hot iron against my tits. I tongued his balls which made him rub his prick hard against my breasts. My hands rubbed his butt and I trailed a finger along the crack and tickled his asshole. He put one foot up on the bed, hunched down and said "Yeah bitch, you got it...lick my butt..." He grabbed my hair and pulled my head up and I proceded to lick him there. We want at each other like two rutting beasts, lapping at each other in that forbidden place, both of us maddened by the awful lusts we had unleashed in each other.

He let go of me and pulled away from the bed. He leaned down and put his face next to mine. I felt the prickly roughness of his unshaven face on me as he licked my neck, my cheeks. He held my face in his hands and rubbed his lips on mine, slick with my juices. He forced his tongue between my lips and we kissed deeply. His tongue was agile in my mouth, as our tongues entwined and our saliva mixed in the wettest of lewd kisses. There was no romance or tenderness in the kiss, it was all steaming with a primal desire to fuck and be fucked. His hands roved over my body, squeezing my breasts, rubbing my belly, down into the syrupy folds of my vagina. A thick finger pressed firmly against my bottom and I felt my sphincter relax and grasp onto the finger as it penetrated my rectum and pushed all the way in to the knuckle, and then twisted back and forth while he sucked on my tongue. The pain and intense pleasure of it made me cum once again and his breath, fuming with tobacco and bourbon and the unmistakeable flavoring of my vagina sucked the breath from my lungs to the point where pinpoints of blinding light swirled in my vision. I threw my legs up and pumped my bottom hard against that finger violating me in such an amazing way, and I came and came again as a whole string of violent quakes enveloped me. I screamed into his mouth as my world rocked.

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